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Le 25 Mai 2018 à 13:30

Here is the bug:
I have made and bartpe XP image on a MEMUP usbkey, I have 4 keys the same made, same size.I have made a image of the bartpe XP, it is around 1 953 000 (1,9GB)I try to restore the image on the others key and I have the message:
"the image is too large for the selected image file!"
Question: how can it be as the 4 usb keys are same size?? It is a kind of bug, non??Can the image take only the size of the amount of data and not the size of usb key? It will be better also!Because....say....I have got a 10GO usb key, with 1GO of data on it....I make an image....I tried to reinjected on a 2GO usb key, it doen'st work.Option: Truncate overzise image doesn't seems to work can you help that?

Any help will be apprecited.

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