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Le 17 Mai 2018 à 16:17
Hello all,

I do not manage to install the HP Laserjet M1120 MFP multi-function printer/scanner in Virtualbox (guest = XP, host = OpenSuse 11.2).
The installation procedure is to unplug the M1120, run the installation software from the included CD and plug in the M1120 when the software asks you to do so, but then the installation software never detects the machine and to only way out is to cancel the installation procedure.I think I have USB enabled OK, I see the HP in the list of available devices and have ticked the box.Of course one of the problems is that the HP is removed from the list when unplugged, only to be added when it is detected by the host/virtualbox, after which I can enable it again, but I have the impression that the initialisation sequence at that point is finished and the install software does not see it anymore.Is this an inherent problem of virtual machines ?
The HP works perfectly in linux. I do not really need it under XP, but this is a test before I buy an expensive slide scanner which has no drivers for linux whatsoever (a Reflecta Digitdia 5000 if anyone is interested) and I would not want to find myself unable to use it at all!

Please help.

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