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Le 17 Mai 2018 à 16:18
Hello all,

Can i use a barcode scanner with open office?
I am very confused and a bit scared I have on my android an app which allows me to scan bar codes. Somehow it recognizes the majority of them from Big Box Retail stores and amazon. I downloaded an extension Barcode 1-3-2.OCX will this allow me to use a scanner? If not which? I want to purchase a barcode scanner (USB, bluetooth or wifi). Probably the USB because of price and I want to zap things. Then I want them to be imported into a spreadsheet somewhere (somehow). If I zap the same item twice I would like the quantity to change to 2. What kind of scanner do I need any specific model or do I need to see if it has proper features? Did I download the right extension? I heard this can be done with Excel....

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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